back cusion    
Foam back cushion.
- Easily straps on to any chair
- Adjustable lumbar depth
- Also available in MESH back cushion
physioflex III   Footrest

- Unigue design invented by ergonomist
- Recommended by physiotherapists
- Ideal for aiding minor back problems by retraining muscles
- Maintains lordosis; the curve of the lower back

- Adjust easily with little foot pressure
high adjustable desk    

Stylist & affordable. These units put height, adjustability within the budget of all computer users. Ideal as a shared desk because height settings are clearly marked on the legs, allowing individuals to set the desk to their own preferences quickly and simply. Controls are mounted on the underside of the desk. Comes ready to assemble. Unique side mouldings hold pens and office accessories.

550 to 810x1200x800
500 to 810x1600x800
high adjustable workstations    
Comes in 3 standard widths 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm with lots of open space to locate drawer mobiles or upgrade with other useful productivity tools. The flat front of the rectangle shape allows wheelchair uers to get closer to the action. Top shapes and colours can be customized. Desk dimensions comply with Australian / NewZealand Standard AS/NZS 4442:1997.

610 to 1010 x 1580x800
610 to 1010 x 1880x800
610 to 1010 x 2180x800
lever Adjustable height monitor arm(clamp system)  
gas adjustable height monitor arm(clamp system)  

- Made of high quality aluminium alloy.
- Ergonomic design and height-adjustable mount   are perfect for a comfortable working space.
- Aesthetic design offers a pleasant environment.

Height Adjustable stand   4 shelf bookcase

Lectern with 2 shelves & a height & tilt adjustable top. Powder coated steel fascia. Beech finish top & shelves.


4 shelf bookcase with sliding cover.
3 shelf CD storage cupboard with sliding cover.

budget height adjustable desks   mobile file cart

A clever little unit which neatly positions a laptop or compact computer. Ideal for moving around home or office. Operates on Gaslift like your office chair. Can be positioned beside a lounge suite or used as a height adjusting side table or data projector stand.

Mobile file cart holds foolscap hanging files.